Delinte DX-9 Bandit M/T 285/70/17



  • Tread is designed for use in mud and other off-road terrains
  • Black sidewall
  • Tread blocks are designed to enhance tread life and increase off-road performance
  • Whether conquering mud, rocks, or something in between, drivers who enjoy taking their light truck or SUV off-road need to make sure their tires are built to handle changing terrains. Consider the DX-9 Bandit M/T from Delinte, which utilizes extensive research and design to help drivers conquer extreme terrains. Three tough layers of polyester fabric work with high-strength steel belts to guard the DX-9 Bandit M/T from punctures by rocks and other sharp debris. Extreme tread blocks are designed to help provide a longer tread life, and the DX-9 Bandit M/T’s tread pattern enhances traction in dirt, mud, sand, and snow.